Velma Karpa

Support Staff - Intervention Services

403-343-1354 ext 124
#202, 5214-47 Ave. Red deer, Alberta T4N 3P7
About Me

I am the Community Liaison Worker for the Alternate School Centre and North Cottage.  I also serve as the Clinical Supervisor for all the Community Liaison Staff in the Red Deer Public District.  My background is Psychiatric Nursing, and have a history of working for Mental Health Services for 10 years, serving as Executive Director of Red Deer's former Group Psychotherapy Centre for 20 years. and am in my 15th year with Family School Wellness/ Community Liaison Program. 

I work with students individually,  in psychotherapy groups, or with their family. The focus of my work is to empower and improve self awareness for students and families in the areas of relationships and their mental health. I can be contacted through the Alternate School Centre 403-343-1354. I am most available during school hours.  The psychotherapy group that I offer runs on Thursdays from 4:00 to 6:00.  Referrals for the groups must be assessed and seen individually by me several times before approved to attend the group.  On occasion family sessions can be held in the evenings if the families are absolutely unable to meet during the day.